Our sofas come in 36 different colors for you to choose and customise. Come to our showroom or message us to receive the color palette.


Recliner Sofa Ditali

Recliner Sofa Trene

Sofa Laccavo

Sofa Lago

Sofa Lamar

Sofa Lamenti

Sofa Lamia

Sofa Lampo

Sofa Lana

Sofa Latte

Sofa Lattica

Sofa Laura

Sofa Lavana

Sofa Lavasti

Sofa Lazio

Sofa Lazzaro

Sofa Lega

Sofa Lena

Sofa Lento

Sofa Leola

Sofa Leonardo

Sofa Lesbona

Sofa Letizia

Sofa Leva

Sofa Liliana

Sofa Lina

Sofa Linux

Sofa Lissandra

Sofa Lista

Sofa Loco

Sofa Lola

Sofa Loom

Sofa Lotto

Sofa Lucca

Sofa Lucia

Sofa Luis

Sofa Lumia

Sofa Luna